The Short (and long) of It.

We’re moving to Wisconsin. That’s the short version.


The longer version is that, after 5 and 7 years in New York City (5 for me, 7 for B), we’re worn out. Tired of the constant, daily fight of this beautiful, exhausting, emotional concrete jungle. The City was amazing. It built a career for both of us, provided life-long friendships, crazy out-all-night taking a cab to 57th Street for hotdogs at 3am memories, and most importantly, introduced us to each other. I know, cheesy. Cheesy but true. And who doesn’t love cheese.

But with the introduction of that cheese (i.e. love) comes practicality, and the realization that we want some things that are increasingly difficult in New York City. Room, space to breathe, space to call our own. A house, a garage, a yard. Room for a family, and the ability to see our families. Access to memories, to a solid foundation, to a simpler existence. The list goes on.

So we made the executive decision to jump in together, put all our chips on the table, and cash in on our dreams.. We’re moving to the great Midwest, Milwaukee, the land of my ancestors. We’re moving for each other. We’re moving for our future. And we can’t wait.