Thoughts on Moving

Ok so we moved. And we (and the cat) survived. Success #1! 

Here’s what I learned from the move process in general:

  1. I have a lot of stuff. And, closely related to #1 is
  2. I like my stuff. I really like my stuff.
  3. But it takes way more boxes than you anticipate. Like double. And 5 times the packing tape. Who would have guessed you’d need 5 rolls of packing tape?? Not me.
  4. Moving out is easier than moving in. Gravity and time work in your favor. Now its been 2+ weeks and we’re still getting settled in and finding room for all that stuff I love.
  5. GPS is a godsend. Its fun to explore our new city, the lake, the neighborhoods, the shopping districts, but it is nice to have Siri to help when you need to get somewhere specific. Your first day of work, for instance.
  6. Moving is expensive. Duh, right? But seriously, its pricey. Its easy to forget that its not just the Uhaul truck, the gas, the tolls, the hotels. Its also the setup when you arrive (cha-ching Costco). The meals out for the trip and several more days while you’re figuring out what boxes your kitchen is in. Filling the refrigerator with boring stuff like ketchup and flour. Replacing anything that broke (not much for us, luckily. I take back every teasing comment I made to B about the amount of packing materials he went through on my irreplaceable treasures). Buying hangers, hooks, shelves, and other small furniture items you got by without in a 350 sq ft place before. But its worth it. Oh is it worth it!
  7. Routines. Its funny, but our day to day routines haven’t changed much now that we’re both started working. I think I like that. Our routines are who we are, at least the Monday through Friday ones. We are who we are.
  8. For us, knowing that this all has to be repeated in 12 months or so, granted on a slightly easier scale. Our plan, non-negotiable, is to buy a house this year. Adulting FTW. So in a matter of months, we have to pack it all up again and move it again.
  9. Uhaul handcart rental. $10. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

I wish I could say I had some great moving resources to share, but aside from Uhaul, EZ Pass, and Motel 6, we kind of just dove in blind. I will say that Staples offers bulk discounts on things like tape and boxes if you can buy in larger quantities.



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