I’m Loving: spring things

Are you dying for spring? I am. Maybe you’re lucky and already have it. We had a flash of it on Sunday and now its all I can think about. So, here are some Spring Things on my mind as I wait for this weather to warm up.


  1. Mason Jar Twinkle Lights … I saw these at Meijer the other day in both colored and clear and am just IN LOVE. The mason jar trend will never leave my heart. It does make me think about making my own though, with mason jelly jars.
  2. Fairy Gardens …. For those of us without a natural green thumb. My only gardening claim to fame thus far is a closed terrarium I started 2 years ago that *seems* to still be thriving. I’m thinking this will be the summer of fairy gardens for me. Etsy is overflowing with Fairy Gardens and it makes me so happy!
  3. Grow Kits … The Backyard Safari Company makes these adorable egg carton ones, which come in a variety of “flavors”, including Salsa, Cocktails, Pizza, Herbs, and more. I think you can pick them up at Amazon or Uncommon Goods.
  4. Apron Sinks … Plus that beautiful robin’s egg blue cabinet color. We watch a lot of HGTV and apron sinks are all the rage. I wish I didn’t love them, but I do.
  5. PinchMeI’mPink … A new Instagram account by DIY guru Sherry Petersik. I need to start snapping pink pics in hopes to one day end up on this ‘gram.
  6. Iced Coffee … Whether it is from the ‘Bux, Dunkin’, or my local Meijer refrigerated section, I love it all the same.



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