Today is June 1st. So here are some June Goals*:

  • No weekday lunches out. I do pretty well with this, but sometimes I cave. Especially now that B is getting free lunch, lol!
  • Meal Planning. We do pretty well, but some days I forget to think about dinner the day before, and then it’s a struggle that evening. Last week I sat down and scheduled out our meals for the month, including pre-made shopping lists for that week. I even programmed them into my phone! Now I just have to follow through. I’m so lucky that B eats anything and everything!
  • Morning cleaning. I usually have 5-10 minutes left in the morning before we leave for work. I think I can use this time pick up around the house in a more efficient manner. I’m going to try this month. A little sweep, a little counter wipe down, whatever there’s time for.

These are pretty boring and basic, I know. I’m hoping to set some good long-term routines in my brain in order to free up “fun” time. It takes a while, with me, to set long term routines. I still can’t manage to turn my socks right-side-out when I put them in the laundry!

*I read an inspiring reddit yesterday with a June goal of no breakfast or lunch out for the work week for the whole month. I already pretty much do this, but I like the idea of a monthly goal.

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