Its been far too cold this spring to get plants in yet. In the meantime, we decided to get brave and start seeds inside. I’ve always been curious about seeds, but with the tiny apartment in Queens, and a curious kitty, it was never a practical idea. This apartment provides a lot more surface spaces, and we decided to give it a try.

First was the lettuce. We eat a salad with dinner every night, so B thought it might be fun to grow our own lettuce. Lettuce plants and I haven’t gotten along in the past, but for a $1.29 pack of seeds we decided to try. We read this article from Burpee on starting seeds indoors first, and then got brave with lettuce, oregano, and Gerber daisy seeds.

The lettuce and oregano seeds were sowed according to package directions in (cheap) Menards potting soil into those little brown plantable pots. We put them on a lipped tray (ok its a casserole dish), and keep about a half inch of water in the bottom. For the first two weeks they lived above our fridge under a homemade grow light that B crafted after I texted him from work one morning terrified that our plant babies were going to die. He’s a problem solver, that man.

After a few days we had tiny sprouts…

And now we have little seedlings! We kept them under the grow light until last week when they moved to the top of my record player in the living room. They’re my adorable little lettuce babies. I’ve even remembered to water them regularly, which if you knew me, you would know this was really something.

The Gerber daisies are getting their start in a mini indoor greenhouse type thing. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have purchased the cheapest one at Menards (a mere $3). It works, but the soil quality is lacking and the didn’t “poof up” like the instructions said they would. My resilient little daisy seeds have burst through though and are looking happy and healthy!

Everybody is getting planted this weekend. Fingers crossed for no June frosts. Which is possible – it is Wisconsin after all…

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