Cabin Life

Now that the warm weather is teasing us with the occasional warm sunny day, we are finally able to go Up North for the weekends. Everyone in Wisconsin goes “Up North” for the weekend. Literally every owns a cabin out of the city. It’s a riot. Friday afternoon in the office break room in Wisconsin sounds like this:

Employee 1: I’m so glad its Friday. What are you doing this weekend?
Employee 2: Oh you know, opening up our cabin. Its north of <insert little Wisconsin town name here>. What about you?
Employee 1: Us too, going up to my cabin. Its just east of <insert another little Wisconsin town name here>.

No. Joke.

IMG_8639To me, its perfectly quaint.

My parents bought our little summer cabin the year I turned 1. We’ve had it for :::cough::: number of years now. It is my happy place, my home. I would spend every moment of my life there if I could. In fact, B and I got engaged there, and are planning to hold our simple little wedding there as well!

My mom has been stuck doing most of the upkeep solo the past few years. One of the reasons we decided to move back this way was to help out, plus get to enjoy the place all summer long. I had a long list of ideas/improvements in my mind, and talking with B added even more to the list. He loves the place as much as I do.

We’ve made one day trip and two weekend trips now, and are wading our way through my never-ending to do lists. B is patient, and he is a hard worker.

Cabin life is the best life.


Have a great weekend!


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