Exploring MKE: the brew crew.

We went to our first Milwaukee Brewers game last week! I’m a baseball fan, but its not really B’s thing. I even played in a casual little softball league in NYC (hint: I was terrible!!). Its one of the few things we don’t see eye-to-eye on! But he’s sweet and he loves me so he puts on a Brewers t-shirt and goes to the games anyway. In New York I dragged him to two Mets games and a Yankees game!

These tickets were my gift to my mom for Mother’s Day, so she came to town and the three of us went together. We arrived about an hour before the game, just in time for a little mini-tailgating. Boy oh boy do these people here TAILGATE. We need to step up our game before next time! I’m talking grills, tables, chairs, cornhole games, the whole works. Its freaking hilarious.

img_3264.jpgBeautiful night, beautiful ballpark.

Miller Park is beautiful. It really reminds me of CitiField in Queens, especially the concourse levels. There were lots of food vendors to choose from near our seats, very clean, and rather helpful staff. We sampled the bratchos (brat nachos, yum), hot dogs, and peanuts. We didn’t get a chance to wander the concourse too much, but I’d be curious to see what other treats we could find. Fried oreos maybe?

We even got to see Bernie the Brewer slide down for the Brewers’ one and only homerun of the game! Hilarious. And then there was the sausage run. Honest to god, 4 people wearing sausage costumes raced halfway around the field. Nothing is funnier than running sausages. Nothing.

FullSizeRenderCourtesy of Usingers, maybe? Or Klements?
Either way, watching those sausages run sure is hilarious.

Sadly the game itself was lacking in excitement. The first score wasn’t even until the 7th inning – really disappointing because the game the following day was action packed. I think I’m going to stop going to the first game in a series. Even so, a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

We’ll be back for more. Sorry B!


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