The House Buying Process: Closing

After a long and annoying process, we finally closed on our house last month.

To be honest, it was a bit of a letdown.

Everyone is like “OMG closing takes forever” yadda yadda. But we were in and out in 30 minutes. The title agent and the seller were old friends so the just chatted and pretty much ignored B and me.

But in the end, we had the keys. Its not the farmhouse of my dreams. Its not even the two-story bungalow I drool over every time I see one.  But its a house, and more importantly its our house. And the more time I spend in it, it is the perfect house for us. I can’t imagine a more perfect one.

We went over there right after the closing to look around more and really get a feel for the place. Poor B had only seen the house for about 15 minutes the night we looked at it before putting in the offer. The market is so hot here, that’s all you get. I luckily was able  to go to the inspection. It was so nice to just walk through OUR HOUSE for the first time, since it was officially now our house. We met neighbors, we wrote down things to buy and things to fix and talked about things we’d ultimately like to do. And then went to Menard’s for locks, toilet seats, and switch plate covers, lol.

Its just the perfect house for us, and every time I’m there it feels more and more like home. Good sized living room, two nice sized bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom upstairs. Then a mostly finished basement with a great room, a partially finished soon-to-be-my-craft-room, and an unfinished laundry room.

There’s so much to do!! And did I mention I’ll have a craft room??

One thought on “The House Buying Process: Closing

  1. I am happy for you…. If you want to read about our process (very similar), I did a blog post about it also, I think it linked our posts because they are similar in theme – that is how I saw your post. Anyway, HAPPY for you, can you put some pictures?


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