How Not to Move a Refrigerator

How to (or not to) move a refrigerator, by me.

Google “how to move a refrigerator in a pickup truck”. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Are you back?

Quite a wide range of opinions. And yes, in a perfect world we would have rented a lift and an appliance dolly and yadda yadda and stood the thing up in the back of the truck and strapped it in. But we didn’t have the resources for a lift and renting an appliance dolly seemed like a useless expense.

So we decided to do what we do – beast mode it.

I had done some research, and the internet was of the conclusion that if you absolutely HAD to lay a fridge down in the back of a truck to move it, just make sure you stand it upright for the same period of time at your final destination as it was laying down and it would be fine. So that’s what I went with.

I wish I had read the article about keeping it at a slight angle beforehand but it didn’t happen. And turns out, it didn’t matter. It did leak some sort of brown goo, but not too much. And we were able to get the thing in the truck, transport it 1 hour, out of the truck, and stand her up without killing ourselves, so i consider that a win. Besides, it was a free fridge, so what’s the harm?

So now we have the fridge. Hopefully it fits in the house!

UPDATE: It does fit! We had to take the door off the refrigerator. And the storm door off the garage entrance into the house. And after it still didn’t fit we realized that it would fit through both the front door and the door from the hall into the kitchen, so while we didn’t really want to slide a refrigerator over our newly refinished wood floors, that is what had to happen. Its in the kitchen!

UPDATE #2: 1950’s kitchens were not meant for modern refrigerators. There was a clear spot for the refrigerator in the kitchen. It just was a wee bit small. In come the rotary sander! A few minutes of sanding the bottom of a cabinet, and viola! We have a refrigerator! This probably won’t be it’s permanent home – there is an eventual larger kitchen remodel down the line.

UPDATE #3: So, something went wrong when we put the door back on. It seems we lost a plastic washer or two, and the door was sitting about 1/2″ lower than it should, and wouldn’t close properly. We took a trip to Home Depot (are you sensing a theme?), picked up one of every type of washer we could that seemed the same size, and got that door propped right back up to where it should be.

Happy Refrigerator, ya’ll!

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