We’re In!

We are living in the house, people! Living in the house! This is real.

I have to be honest, its pretty exciting. I mean, there’s boxes and piles everywhere, and I can’t find anything whether it be food or underwear, but still. Its exciting. Its the first time I’ve lived in a house since I was 18 and I’m pretty jazzed about it. It feels so much safer, cozier than an apartment. And quieter. Oh the quiet.

Friday was our first night in the apartment. We grabbed a quick (yummy) dinner at Monks after work, and then moved our bed, some food, and the cat to into the house.

You want some entertainment, watch a cat in a new location. Hilarious. She wasn’t totally freaked, because we’d already moved a lot of stuff there, so she recognized the stuff and the smell. But boy was she curious! So much meowing, so much exploring. I swear she got lost 657 times that night. This is a cat who has spent her whole life, all 6 years, in an apartment. And more often than not, an apartment under 500 square feet. The number of rooms, the basement stairs, and the amount of space was quite a bit for her to process. And yes, she still gets lost.

Saturday morning we popped up bright and early. And by that I mean the cat started meowing at 5:30am so we got up. My mom came up for the day to lend a hand, and with the three of us, we got everything moved from our apartment into the house by 2pm – all our belongings under one roof with the exception of some dolls and things still safely stored at my mom’s house. We worked in the yard in the evening, mowing, trimming, and pulling weeds & thistles. The previous owner simply stayed there. She didn’t live. And she did no maintenance whatsoever. I dug up thistles that had to be 5 years old.

Sunday was supposed to be a “chill in our new house” day, but that didn’t happen! It was so exciting to be in our house with all our stuff that we got right to work. The cold rainy day was perfect for the tasks at hand too – emptying boxes. We spent the morning on that task. Opening boxes and setting the contents on the temporary shelves we put up in the basement. By midday we switched gears and i started working in the kitchen, putting shelf paper on in the cabinets, and B started to organize the garage into a usable space. We also found the blackout curtains and got those up – game changer! We quit by 6pm, grabbed chinese food, and settled down to watch Northern Exposure.

By the end of that weekend, yes everything was still a mess and most everything was still in boxes, but we’re getting there!!

UPDATE: I still don’t know where anything is!

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