Stressful but What?

Remember how I said this process so far was stressful but fun?

Of course, the stress of it all drove me to catching the office cold, yuck.

Monday night was kaput, I was not able to move off the couch, and sweet B cooked lentil & sorrel soup and took care of me. We ventured outside long enough to trim up the low branches on the little tree by the curb, and snip off the weeds growing in the front planting beds.

Tuesday I came home from work sick and napped all evening while B mowed, trimmed, and raked. He really is the best.

Tonight we’re taking the night off to grill out, and Thursday will be our weekly trip to the recycling center to drop off a truckload of branches, lawn waste, and pulled weeds.

Ah what fun life we lead!

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