Why We Don’t Have Internet At Home

You read that right. We don’t have internet at home right now. By choice. For a few reasons:

An experiment and a challenge: We mostly use the internet to look up cat videos and other useless stuff. And B and I like a challenge, so we thought we’d see if we could go the summer with just our 4 gigs of shared data. We’ll see…

Cost Savings: We’re not really around much to use internet in the summer. We are at our cabin most weekends, at work all day, and most evenings we are doing one house project or another until about 8pm. It just didn’t seem worth it to pay $60+ a month for internet we’d barely be using. So we figured we’d save that cost plus our Hulu cost for the summer. It’ll end up being a few hundred bucks, which isn’t much considering we’ve cut almost all the fat from our budget (please ignore the Kwik Trip cup on my desk after that comment. I love Kwik Trip). Plus, we have internet at work.

Now, come fall, we will sign up for it. There are some larger reno projects that we will need the internet to help us tackle. Plus, once the days get shorter and snowier, we’ll want the coziness of Hulu and Instagram.

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