Weekend Report

We took the weekend (mostly) off, and boy did it feel good.

Saturday night as we were winding down we were talking about how relaxing the day had been, and that’s when we realized that we NEVER take a day off. There is a to-do list every evening after work, and any weekends we stay in town it is house projects from dawn to dusk and often well beyond. The day off on Saturday happened by accident, but now I’m thinking it was more like fate. We needed it.

Friday night we filled the truck bed with frogs and snails and puppydog tails – I mean rocks, paving stones, and hostas. This has become the norm. Our house is overflowing with landscaping materials that we don’t want – at least in town. So truckload by truckload we are ferrying them up to our cabin, where they are immensely useful! We intend to use the paving stones to replace the cabin’s old “deck” with a stone patio, use the rocks to edge all the planting beds, and use the hostas to fill said planting beds. Win-win!

Saturday morning we slept later than usual but still made it up to the cabin and unloaded the truck by about 9:30am. Rocks got tossed in one pile and the paving stones nicely stacked beside the house. And that is where it stopped. From there on the rest of the day was archery, antiquing, sitting around a campfire, and dodging quick rain bursts. It was delightful.

Sunday morning we celebrated my mom’s birthday, and then did a wee bit of work. Namely, pulling all the weeds out of the steep bank in front of the house and then planting the insane number of hostas we had hauled up with us. It looks good and really didn’t take very long. Check out the finished product on Instagram @scenicroutevintage.

As early afternoon rolled in, we packed up the truck once again, this time ferrying furniture and sentimental trinkets back from the cabin to our house. B started a loaf of bread, we got cleaned up, and then headed over to his family’s house for a summer barbecue!

As sad as we were to see the weekend wane, it was nice, and it was needed. We expect this to be a busy week so as we get bogged down in the day to day, it’ll be nice to have last weekend to look back on.

Happy week!

PS follow the adventures on Instagram @scenicroutevintage!

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