Weekday Progress: July into August

I’m impressed at how much we’ve gotten accomplished this week in the evenings after work. It can be tough – we put in 8-9 hour days in the office and by the time we get home, eat dinner, and clean up it is nearly 7pm. Every morning, full of excitement and energy, I jot down our evening to do list, and it is always, always more than we can tackle in the 60-90 minutes available each weeknight.

But not this week – this week we were on fire! It can be tough to work on incremental projects in the evening, because you feel like you got nothing done. This week’s projects were all small-ish ones where it felt like we finished something every day. It was a nice boost of accomplishment.

Monday night we put the doors on the new garage cabinets that we installed on Sunday. Quick and easy, and looks great!

Tuesday night we put on our grubbiest clothes, eye protection, and dust masks, and tackled the last of the “gross” work remaining from the bump-out demo. There was a piece of the bump-out ceiling still remaining in the garage. We had skipped it before because it wasn’t necessary in putting the wall back on the inside, and we’d had about all the mouse poo we could handle at that time. Well, Tuesday night we pulled the remaining drywall down amidst a rain of mouse poo, and pulled out all the damaged insulation. Then we put up nice fresh drywall and boy does it look amazing. It really felt like the last piece of demo from that project and was nice to take all that nasty building material out to the trashcan. I also did a giant pile of laundry, but that isn’t nearly as exciting.

Wednesday night it looked like rain, which was perfect. B had just mowed on Saturday, so he went around with the bag of Preen and treated our yard for weeds. While he was working on that, I started putting the electrical back in our new wall. We now have a beautiful outlet on the dining room side of the new wall, and it works! I still have to finish up the garage side, which consists of an outlet and switch for the garage lights, and running the wire for the security light and our eventual deck lights. But believe it or not, the tough part is done. Another hour and that will all be put back, though somewhat temporarily until we insulate/drywall/frame/pegboard the garage side, since I’ll have to move the electrical with those steps.

Thursday night was adventure night back to Menards. The paving stones and mulch we loved were on sale this week, so we decided to go ahead and grab them. Concrete and cedar chips don’t exactly go bad! We picked up 24 bags of mulch, 17 large paving stones that weighed 40 pounds each (!!!!), and 46 small brick edging stones. The truck was FULL.

The week is winding down, and we only have a small to-do list for tonight before escaping to our cabin for the weekend. Tonight we’re planning to fill the truck with stones to haul north in our continued attempt to remove unwanted landscaping material from our house, do a quick Costco run, water the hostas that are chilling in their temporary pots until they are replanted, and check on the garden (so far we’ve only gotten cucumbers, but I’m hoping for some tomatoes soon). And laundry. Always laundry!

Just writing this makes me tired – I’m ready for the weekend!!

Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing weekend!



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