Fall Porch Goals

I wanted to be a home owner for two reasons:

  1. To own my own home.
  2. So I could decorate the front porch for fall.

Seriously, that is only slightly exaggerated. Anyway, I decorated for fall two weekends ago, just as our temps dipped below 70 for the first time. It’s so pretty and fall-like. I even broke out my Bean boots for the occasion. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen this photo on Instagram (@scenicroutevintage).


Pumpkins and mums on either side of the front door. My mom picked up an old rusty bucket and wooden box crate thing from our favorite antique store, Vintage Betsy, for the mums to live in. They are perfectly rustic and picturesque.

And everything was beautiful for 2 weeks. And then the squirrels came.



Cursing the squirrel and shaking my fist, I turned the pumpkin sideways. It hides most of the hole. But seriously, wtf, squirrels!?!?!


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