Welcome to Our Scenic Route!

Our Scenic Route just got a whole lot more scenic. Five months ago my husband and I welcomed a baby girl into our life! She is perfect and adorable and growing like a weed! For the purposes of the internet, I’ll refer to her as Peggy Sue. Rest assured, we did not, in real life, name her after a Buddy Holly song.

Our winter baby, enjoying the wonder that is grass!

While our DIY projects have slowed significantly since Peggy Sue’s arrival, I am pleased and amazed to find we still get projects done, both while she is awake and while she is asleep. Also some of those slowed DIY projects can be attributed to the fact that winter in the Midwest is brutal, and with that, our garage a frozen uninhabitable wasteland. ie, Mr. Scenic can’t really get out there to get much done in the deep dark depths of winter. But now it is glorious (steamy, muggy) summer and we’re able to get things done again!

With this new addition, I thought it might be a good time to introduce / reintroduce ourselves.

I’m Mrs. Scenic, and my husband/partner in DIY crime is Mr. Scenic. We’re both originally from the Midwest, but found ourselves living in the concrete jungle that is New York City. In fact, that’s where we met, set up by mutual friends. In a city as large as NYC, its amazing to have mutual friends with a stranger, but it happens more often that you’d think. Shortly thereafter, we decided it was time to move closer to home, settle down, and get domestic. We packed up our things, said goodbye to the Big Apple, and scurried across the country to Wisconsin. That was shortly followed by a DIY wedding, and then our first house! For the last couple of years, we’ve been completely renovating this adorable little bungalow, saving it from the disrepair and neglect it had fallen into.

On top of the DIY home renovation, we also find ourselves keeping busy with gardening, cat-wrangling, our summer cabin, and trying to perfect a frugal lifestyle. The future? Who knows what that holds, but when I close my eyes at night, I see a small hobby farm tucked out in the middle of nowhere. A place where I can grow gardens and animals, where Peggy Sue run wild, and where we can enjoy a simple, intentional life. And seriously, it needs to be within an hour of Fleet Farm or I just won’t make it.

What is Our Scenic Route? It is our journey to live a simple, intentional, frugal life. Maximizing our days, making full use of our talents, and learning as we go. It is creating a life that is sustainable, that keeps us going. It is raising our wildling daughter. It is creating a life we can be proud we say we made. It might not be your scenic route, but it is ours.

So that is what you’ll find here on this blog if you join along with us – frugal fun, adventures in mom life, and our DIY victories as we plan, scheme, and dream about the future. Urban homesteading, if you will.

That’s Our Scenic Route. Welcome!

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