2020: A New Decade, the same goal

New year, new decade. it doesn’t seem to matter though, each year my new year’s resolution stays consistent. Write more. Write daily. Share my writing. Have a voice, an opinion, a focus, a vision.

Maybe this year will be the year. It’s already going to be a year of CHANGE. With a baby (our first!!!) arriving in mid-February, the year is definitely going to be topsy turvey. But in a year of epic change, maybe that is the time to make small change and new habits too. After all, being pregnant (a large change) has enabled me to kick my soda habit (a small change). So fingers crossed that this may be the year I can finally find time to write, write, share it, and practice this skill that I love but ignore.


Where have my feet gone?!

It seems like I should have time to write. I mean, I sit in front of a computer literally all day. But something about being in a mundane cubicle, lit by fluorescent lighting, listening to the gossip and chatter of those around me, that completely numbs my brain and drains my creativity. Even if I have time in the workday to do some personal writing, I simply can never find the energy or motivation to do it, let alone come up with anything to write about. It is like I go completely brain-dead, creatively.

I’m hoping that some time home, some time with my new baby, will help revive that passion to write, that passion to do something productive with my down time, whether that be 5 minutes of 3 hours, rather than surfing Facebook, looking for interesting online news, and checking the handful of blogs I still read. I really hope it will. A few years ago, my goal was to produce more and consume less. And while materially, my husband I and I are barely consumers (we don’t have internet at home, we cook all our own food, and rarely shop at anywhere other than Home Depot), in the land of content, I’m way more of a consumer than a producer. And that needs to change.

2020. A new decade. No pressure, but let this be the one of personal change.

Happy New Year!



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