Ways I Saved Today: 2 Week Catch-up

I’ve had trouble getting started on this project. The funny thing is, I write down what I didn’t (or did, ahem) spend money on. But then I never get around to posting. So here are two recent weeks of savings (or, not savings, some days.). There is certainly room for improvement!

Two Weeks Ago:

  • Monday: B sent me the Mr. Money Mustache blog to read over my lunch break. It made me so terrified about spending a dime that not only did I purchase nothing today, but I skipped lunch to save it for tomorrow. I’m not sure that blog is healthy for me.
  • Tuesday: I didn’t buy a coke at lunch, even though I wanted one
  • Wednesday: I deleted half a dozen retail emails without opening them. I also unsubscribed to a bunch of them. Retail me not, baby!
  • Thursday: Aaah I broke down and bought a Mt Dew Kickstart this afternoon, out of a combination of thirst, boredom, and a desire not to be exhausted when I get home. But its Thursday and I haven’t eaten lunch out once this week so I think that can be considered a win.
  • Friday: OK I didn’t save much today. I did take my lunch for the 5th day in a row, so that’s a savings. But I also decided B decided a treat, which is why I walked to the Milwaukee Public Market during lunch to check out the West Allis Cheese Market. The outcome: a $6 bag of cheese curds which are so fresh and delicious. Totally worth it. We also went out for a low-key dinner, but its Friday night and we’re super frugal all week.


I think I like the MPM but I’m not sure. The idea is awesome, but the crowds are crazy, especially over lunch!

Last Week:

  • Monday: Brought my lunch (leftovers from last Friday’s dinner out, so I think that should count as a double-cost savings).
  • Wednesday: Had to go to a company event that provided both breakfast and lunch! Today’s food gets saved for tomorrow. Dinner was a simple yet delicious affair. We had purchased a bag of frozen chicken breasts at Costco about 6 weeks ago and even after eating chicken 1-2 days a week, we still have half the bag left. This was our best purchase ever I think. We’ll do this again. I love having a full size freezer!
  • Thursday: Half a step back – discovered that someone helped themselves to my breakfast from the office fridge. Oh the humanity! But seriously, that yogurt had my name on it. I was counting on it for breakfast today. And more importantly, YOU KNOW THAT DIDN’T BELONG TO YOU! At least they didn’t eat my lunch. Silver linings?
  • Friday: This is going to start sounding like a broken record soon, but it’s a big accomplishment to me. I didn’t buy an afternoon Coke/Kickstart even though I really wanted one. Instead, I had a piece of gum, a cup of water, and hopped on the company’s walking workstation*. Go me! I know a Coke is only $2.50 or so, but in a week that is over $10. So…


Happy savings to you!




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