The blog struggle is real.

Guys, it is HARD to keep up a blog, a full time job, a social media consultant contract, AND take care of your house & husband. The struggle is real. So I’ve let the blog slide. The blog doesn’t get mad when there’s no dinner on the table. Though, for that matter, neither does the husband. The cat, she does. She yells. You want to know what distress sounds like? It is an overweight cat who thinks she has been slighted on breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

But here’s something fun: we just got married! Yay! We just got married for an all-in total of $2500! Double yay!! Exclude our rings and hotel room (it was a country wedding a few hours from where we live), and it came in around $1750. Over the next few weeks I’m going to put together some pictures and how-to’s to prove that no, you don’t have to have a $10,000 wedding. You don’t have to demolish your savings and put your parents on the line to have a fantastic day. All you need is creativity and resourcefulness. And your mother’s garage for storage (thanks mom!). You can have the perfect wedding without driving off the scenic route!


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